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    Our Cries Are One (RWBY RP)

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    Our Cries Are One (RWBY RP) Empty Our Cries Are One (RWBY RP)

    Post by Marusu Senpai on Fri May 27, 2016 11:53 pm

    (Please note, you do not need to make your post this big. I got bored and started typing and yeah…….. Also, I made this seem like episode one on purpose. Plus Yuuki is like the Ruby of the RP.)

    Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past.
    Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness – creatures of destruction – the creatures of Grimm – set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void.
    However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust".
    Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return.
    So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world", but take heed: there will be no victory in strength.

    Night descended on the city of Vale like a hunter stalking their prey. With the coming fall replacing the summer, which was waning away in a sorrowful manner. Schools were starting within a weeks time, the streets loosing many of its youth to studies. A small dust shop sat by a T-intersection. It was dainty and showed the signs of a man’s hard work. Inside the shop was grey, white, and black with similar dainty designs to its out front, and shelves stocked with convenience foods and magazines. Near the entrance was an elder gentleman who was just polishing the shelf, he lightly hummed an indistinct tune as his face had a light smile on it.

    Near the back, was a young, dark-purple haired girl dressed in a foreign designed robe with black, white, and red designs on it. Said robe was on her chest down to the mid area of her thighs with a bell attached to the oni, a strap around her waist that held the garb in place, on her left side. The robe itself was all tied in the back with a purple rope that held it neatly in place. She had black cloths firmly wrapped around her wrists and red ribbons to tie white strips of leather down. From the base of her knees were white clothing that were firmly tied down by red ribbon around the beginning of her shin, mid shin, and and. The ribbon at the mid shin was tied in the same butterfly motif the rope that held up her top. She had a small black and red designed choker around her neck that followed the design of her robe. Her purple hair dangled around, the bang on her right side curled down to the base of her neck as the left hung to her chin. Her hair was tied up into two small buns on the back which were held in place by two hair pins: a small, cute fox one at the top and a small one that had the motif of a butterfly on the side, and her hair was separated into 2 fine strands of hair that flowed down to the back of her calves. However, the major ‘elephant-in-the-room’ with her appearance was her fox ears which were covered by earphones as she was listening to loud music, as she read the magazine, while her 9 fox tails that lightly swung back and forth in a hypnotic manner.

    Outside, a group walked out from a dark alley, the members dressed in fancy black clothing, besides one who was obviously the leader who wore white, with no distinct markings as they walked casually on the street and forward to the shop. They then busted into the store, one member took care of the store owner, pushing him back as 2 other members moved to collect dust that was being sold into containers, and the last one moved about the store to see if anyone was inside, while their leader took the place of keeping the shop owner in check as the member went to help claim the dust.

    The one searching about then spied the purple haired kitsune who was engrossed in her loud music and magazine. He then drew his sword, saying, “Alright kid, hands where I can see them.” The girl didn't respond because of the loud music in her ears, as the grunt then moved toward her, putting his hand on the faunus shoulder, saying, “Hey. You got a death wish or something?”

    The girl looked at the guy, her music playing as he gave signs to her to take off her earphones, doing so, as she asked, “Yes?”

    “I said: Put your hands in the air. Now!”

    The girl looked at him with an unintimidated face, asking, “Are you trying to rob me?”


    “Oh….” The kitsune faunus shook her head as she understood, facing him as she paused her music, putting her earphones away into her bag, putting said bag on the ground, and then yawned as the veins around her eyes began to pulse heavily, and the shades of her eye color becoming gray. The guy moved back slightly as he rose his blade, but all of a sudden, he dropped his blade, after looking at her eyes, his arm that held the blade, right after a slight movement from the girl. He winced slightly and dropped his blade while the girl took a stance, moving her right palm out, but slightly arcing it  as her left was positioned beside her breast farther away from how she was facing her foe.

    “White Eye Style: Eight Palms!” Suddenly, the kitsune moved her left hand forward as she closed her hand beyond her pointer and index as she striked him with 2 jabs from the fingers in his right shoulder and left hip as she chanted, 'Two' And she followed up by hitting the opposite sides as she said: ‘Two’ again. All of a sudden, the man moved backwards as the martial artist took a strong step forward with her left foot, slamming her right hand forward with the same jab type, striking him in the mid-breast area on both sides, a single one to his stomach, and a final one to the robber’s temple, which launched him back, as he crashed behind him against the far wall.

    The boss lightly glanced over as he looked at a dust crystals, nodding to one of his grunts to go after the girl. Said grant moved forward, moving a gun upwards until he was launched back similar to, but out of the window instead, as his fellow grunt, as the girl dashed forward to connect a final strike, knocking him out as she stood in the street outside in a heroic pose, her long hair flowing in the autumn wind, as she looked up and at the window she crashed through, spying the other 2 grunts, and their boss glaring at her. The first grunt she first fought stood up, shaking his head to null off the pain of crashing into a wall.After a couple moments of silence, the boss said, “Okay? Get her.”

    The grunts followed what their boss instructed, running orderly from the shop's front door. As they charged at her, hoping to overwhelm her with their numbers.The girl smirked as she dashed at the nearest one, striking him with her foot as he flinched and moved downwards, the girl standing on his back as she began spinning, saying, “White Eye Style: Revolving Haven!” suddenly the kitsune started to spin as she fought off, and knocked the other two back with her feet, tails, and hands, as she then stopped, jumping upwards as she drove her foot downwards, and knocking the grunt into the ground within a small whole of his shape.

    The other grunts gritted their teeth as they held their blades carefully, looking at the girl as she ran forward, suddenly striking the nearest one with her normal Baguazhang technique, saying, “White Eye Style: Thirty-Two Palms!” She then took her stance, striking her foe in the set of 2-2-4, then moved her feet into a movement as she she striked 4 points across the grunt’s arm on each side, chanting: ‘Eight!’ She then took a hard step forward as she striked heavily forward across 15 different spots on his body, until she finished with a 16th (32nd in total) powerful strike to his neck, as she launched him into a lamp, knocking him out as well. The final one picked up a rifle and aimed it at the faunas, who dashed forward to a lamp, using her tails to curl around the lamp and launch her to one parallel to it, avoiding bullets from the rifle, and dashed at him in a whirlwind as she stabbed her index and middle finger at the middle of his torso, between where the ribs end and stomach begins. “Tenketsu Needle!” The girl cried as the strike shot the man backwards, and into the wall between the Dust shop’s broken window and door.

    The boss slowly walked forward as he looked at the grunt that was just defeated by her needle technique, sarcastically saying,“You were worth every cent. Thats for sure.”

    He took a huff of his cigar as he adjusted his hat, saying, “Well, Purple Princess. You have made for an eventful evening. And as much as I’d like to continue this game, this is where we will part ways.”

    The man then pointed his cane up, firing a flare at the girl, as she jumped upwards, narrowly dodging as she landed on the ground, but the man disappeared from site. The kitsune looked around, not spotting the man until she heard the sounds of a Helicopter, which she spotted him inside, as he smirked at the girl, as the spotlight shined on the fanaus, blinding her from its powerful light. As the vehicle got away, the sounds of sirens starting to close in as law enforcement arrived.

    Yuuki looked about as some police went into the shop, looking for any grunts who may have been inside, as other stayed outside, trying to gather what happened. Shortly after a hunter arrived, who was viewing the scene. The Hunter was a middle-aged woman that has very light-blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes are bright green and she wears thin ovular glasses, having teal hanging earrings with a small bead identical to her earrings on her collar. She wears a white long-sleeved suit that exposes part of her chest, and puffy sleeves that tighten near the wrist before spreading back out near her hands, as her lower body has a black business skirt with buttons running in a vertical line up the front of it and lighter black-brown stockings. She wears black boots with brown heels, and wears a tattered cape that is purple inside and black on the outside, decorated by a row of diamond-shaped brown beads going horizontally across her cape. She walked up, looking at the Kitsune, who was looking amongst the area, as she looked back, and saw the shop owner, who she ran over too, asking, “Hey! Are you alright?”

    The man looked at her with his old features moving to a grin, and nodding as he said, “I’m fine. Thank you, little miss.”

    The girl nodded, saying in a prideful way that a child takes a compliment, saying, “It’s nothing for me! The White Eyed Princess! The Grim Reaper and Yama Raja of Justice! The Nine Tailed Tough Queen of Purple! Yuuki Valenred!”

    The man smiled as Yuuki pridefully stood, her tails wagging and ears twitching slightly until the Huntress grabbed Yuuki and brought the Kitsune with her into the Police office, and placed the girl into an interrogation office, where Yuuki sat, confused and scared as she watched the woman pace back and forth. The purple fox then asked, “Uhmm…. Why am I here?”

    The huntress spoke, “I hope you realize your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, young lady. You put yourself and others in great danger.”

    “But they started it!”

    “If it were up to me... I’d send you home with a pat on the back... And a slap on the wrist.”

    “Well... I’m really far from what home is to me, and I also need to become a Huntress and find my sister and-”

    Glynda slapped her stave on the desk to get Yuuki to quiet down, as she continued, “There is someone here who would like to meet you.”

    The Huntress walked to the side as a man walked into the room. He was a middle-aged man with tousled gray hair and thin brown eyes. He has a light complexion and sharp facial features. He wears shaded glass spectacles and a dark-green scarf with a small, purple, cross-shaped emblem on it. His outfit mainly consists of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green undershirt, and black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants. He walked in, carrying a plate of cookies with one hand, as a cup holding a beverage in the other. “If I’m correct, you are from a Nine Tailed Faunus Village…. A rare sight in the world now a days.”

    Behind Ozpin was Glynda, who held a pad that somehow had footage of Yuuki beating up the grunts with her combat style. Ozpin, notioning to the video, saying, “So this is that rare Baguazhang style?”

    Yuuki nodded, saying, “Yes…”

    “I’m correct its your village that taught you that? Why would they teach you one of the most dangerous fighting techniques?”

    Yuuki responded to Ozpin, saying, “Well… Its a long story.”

    “I see…” Ozpin said as he placed the plate of cookies in front of Yuuki, who looked down at them, then back at Ozpin. She then reached for one, then stuffed it in her face, then machine gunned the cookies into her mouth with delight.

    “My reason for questioning is for the special abilities with the martial art skill: To seal aura flow in one’s body, Both temporary or permanently. I’m correct you know of this.”

    Yuuki nodded, her mouth stuffed with cookies, as she swallowed, saying, “I do. Its because when I was younger and I had a nice and stronger older sister who was the best in the village. She was all nice to me, and all ‘GRRRRRRRRR’ to bad people. But, when I was 5, she was banished for some reason and I was sad, then one day, my mom wanted me to get over it, and my semblance came out and boom. I could see the flow of Aura in people's body, so she taught me that style. Now, I’m the All Seeing White Eye! Grim Reaper and Yama Raja of Justice! The-”

    Ozpin grinned saying, “I understand you have a cause.I would ask what an adorable girl like you is doing becoming to try and become a warrior, but I can guess. Find your sister and learn of why she left.”

    “Yeah. And then we can both become the ultimate fighting duo against evil. Me with my awesome palm strikes, and her with her awesome spear techniques. We’ll be all like ‘Wachaaaa!!!! Yaaaa! Hu-Yaaaaa!....”

    Yuuki continued to derp around as Glynda was honestly confused as Ozpin watched her, until she came to a stopping point, saying, “Most cases of poeple becoming Hunters and Huntresses come from many years in training schools. However if we look at you…. You got excellent training from your tribe….Anyway, do you know who I am?”

    The Kitsune looked at him, scratching her head, saying, “Hmmmm…. I don’t know….”

    Ozpin paused, saying, “I am Ozpin. The Headmaster of Beacon.”

    “Huh…. Nice to meet you. I'm Yuuki Valenred!”

    “Same. So you want to come to my school?”

    “More than anything as its’ a step to find Ara.”

    Ozpin looked at Glynda who shrugged her shoulders as Ozpin said, “Well, okay.”


    Yuuki was looking out to the lands below from the airship that was delivering the new students of Beacon to the school. She closed her eyes as she felt kinda lonely. Despite what all the focuses of her dreams were, she couldn’t shake off the loneliness of no friends or anything. She just held the hope in her that she’d meet Ara here.

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